More About My Technology Stack


PHP MVC Programmer

My main job at JobStreet is working as a programmer that use PHP MVC framework. To be more detail, it is developing using the Linux Apache Mysql with PHP MVC (model view controller) framework.

What To expect From A LAMP Stack Programmer Using MVC Framework

To my surprise, some recruiter will still ask question like “do you know jquery/css/HTML”. Nowadays when a programmer daily job is using PHP MVC framework, then the technology stack normally include Jquery, CSS, HTML, Mysql, Javascript and PHP.

More Than Just PHP

PHP had already become as simple as English to me. As a person that likes challenges, I always thrilled to solve bigger challenges, that sometimes beyond what PHP can do.

For example I have written many python scripts to automate daily works. I have also worked with Solr and Elasticsearch in my daily job. There are a lot of things that I like to do and I cannot be limited into a specific scope - as I am a full stack software engineer.

Skill Set In Details As Of 2015-11-21

  • PHP MVC framework ( with proven working experience )
    • View = Jquery, CSS, HTML, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5
    • Model = Mysql (Database indexes, writing queries, etc)
    • Controller = PHP
  • Full Stack Web Developer ( with proven working experience )
    • Twitter Bootstrap, various javascript plugin such as datatable
    • UX + UI (without the create Photoshop part, that’s what a graphic designer do)
  • Linux ( with proven working experience )
    • Setting up vagrant, jenkins, LAMP, ELK and others
  • Data Science (hobby)
    • Python (data collecting + machine learning)
    • Statistic (such as overfitting, anomaly)
    • Deep Learning (Tensorflow)
  • Mobile Development (hobby)
    • iOS (reactJS)
    • Android (Java)
  • Miscellaneous Languages (hobby)
    • NodeJS, GoLang: for web application, IMO better than PHP
    • C++, C, Scala + Rust: learning for learning
Written on November 21, 2015