PHPStorm 9.0 Review


Installing PHPStorm (License from company)

The installation of PHPStorm is very easy, provided we have the license.

  1. First create a new account at Jetbrains with the email that company has given the license to.
  2. Download the PHPStorm from download page
  3. Run PHPStorm, when prompt for username and password, enter username/email and password

Some Other Function

  • Help » Productivity guide : give new PHPStormer a quick knowledge of useful shortcuts
  • Import Code Style : File » Import Settings » choose your settings.jar
    • This is to import the code style which is shared across the company, can have minor customization afterwards to suite our needs
  • Wrap and unwrap code with control function:
    • ctrl + alt + T: wrap the code with selected if else statement
    • ctrl + shift + del: remove the selected control statement
  • auto indent lines:
    • ctrl + alt + l: good for HTML file mixed with php code.
  • Some shortcuts is good: full default keymap at Help » Default Keymap Preferences

Function Looking Forward

There are some function I hope that phpstorm will have after my experience with Eclipse, Atom and Sublime Text.

  • .gitignored file/folder coloring: yes it have
  • Code auto navigation : same with eclipse, just ctrl + click for code navigation
  • Show UNIX/DOS format of file : ???
  • Git integration : VCS > Git
  • Show hidden whitespace ( after use tab to whitespace) : File » Setting > Editor > General > Appearance > Tick Show Whitespaces
  • search next and remain the previous selection : Alt + J
  • nice line comment ( ctrl + / )
    • not as good as atom, the line comment start from line start, however atom is start from the indentation, which is nicer

First Review Conclusion

As for the first glance, I still like Atom UI more. However phpstorm has some nice feature more such as code navigation, better debugging tool and less crash happen(however PHPStorm uses more memory).

Anyway for developing PHP code I still have to go for PHPStorm since have bought the license, lets see will I change my mind after using it a little bit longer.

Written on August 21, 2015